The memorable moments of collage picnic:

Sometimes unexpected happy brings in our life more enjoyable moments and proud worth of having precious life. The day 2065/9/5 has become something memorable things to be kept in my mind. It was the picnic organized from collage and this was the day when my all friends were there to take part in creating joyous moment. My works were evaluated with some grater extent of priority. I was leading the group of my friends and obviously they were following me and enjoying even with my some mundane works too…

The moment which I can never forget is, there to lead my friends to the destination place but wrongly proceeding them towards bit away from main line of reaching the destination. I myself was confused that I was wrongly proceeding my feet to the way of destination and pretending as if I was leading them to the right place but reached somewhere else, means wrong place. I kept on walking to lead them towards the destination but destination was more becoming farer than us. I was worried and a kind of agony was running in my mind constantly with fear of not reaching the right place of destination. And I got the sign which I had kept on my first visit to that area and leading them to the same way without letting them know that I had lost the way. Ultimately reached them to the place of destination. Then I took long breath of relaxation.

We had there at the top of Nagarkot early in the morning when the sun just had stepped up there on the white gorgeous mountains. My friends were taking aesthetic pleasures of viewing all. I myself make laugh when that moment strikes my mind to draw the things...


हामि सल्लाह, सुझावको आशा राख्दछु !

धन्यवाद यहाँलाई मेरो संसारभित्र एकै छिन् मनलाई भुलाउनुभएकोमा । प्रतिकृयासहित सल्लाहसुझाबको लागि समेत हार्दिक अपेक्षा । शुभ रहोस् यहाँको सम्पूर्ण पलहरु ! लासो थुजेछे ।