When the fire glows on my mind

When the fire glows on my mind
My heart quakes in fear
When the agony of separations bind
My eyes swims in tears !!

As the dew is of night
But not the night is of dew
As the day has come for me
But not there was you with me !!

As the Sun shine a lot
Which donot let me to open my eyes
As you bright a lot
Which donot let me tell you lies !!

The dream that I have woven for you
It isn't very hard to see
The place that I have designed for you
It isn't other than my own heart !!

I'm searching hands for supporting
So that I could escape from sorrows
I'm searching love for living
So that i could have friend in teaars !!

When I tried to reach your love
That let me ask my heart
When I asked my heart
That let me hide you forever !!


हामि सल्लाह, सुझावको आशा राख्दछु !

धन्यवाद यहाँलाई मेरो संसारभित्र एकै छिन् मनलाई भुलाउनुभएकोमा । प्रतिकृयासहित सल्लाहसुझाबको लागि समेत हार्दिक अपेक्षा । शुभ रहोस् यहाँको सम्पूर्ण पलहरु ! लासो थुजेछे ।