My Biography:

Being silly or acting like a clown results in attention from others. I also used to involve with different silly acts but not only for attracting attention from other but for the fun as well.

As sense developed to distinguish right and wrong. With some acts I used get stick with, makes me lough at present. My granny had had a frequent check ups for her eyes and used to visit to hospital. At the early age I stepped to the capital "kathmandu" with Granny for the first time ever. I was lost with colorful vehicles, high rise building, a smooth we graded roads, electricity and with many more.

Mostly similar age I were, had started school but I was not. Before I was sent to school I already had lernt basic words and numeric numbers from father at home. Firstly joined at Shree Proposed Secondary School, Dahoo-Ramechhap, but jumped directly to grade one.

I had no second choice than to join school. Clear sound of fear was there to beat my heart. l. First few days with strange environment passed with unusually and then all habituated but. Slowly I started to perform best on every subjects than friends around me. The things had I lernt were asked in exam, it was time to show my performance among others. And I did as well. 

It was the result time. The results for different grades used to publish at a single day and report for progression used to break on the same day. I was following elder brother to School to know the result. Suspense was breaking with Results from grade one to ten. Second and third position was already gone for other two friends. But I was called for the first. I received first time the first prize on the first beginning of my journy. This was world's best moment I ever had experienced before. Returned to home, the red colored face with faagu(red powder) got my mom's eyes, smiled with tears, enjoyed, praised.  A true and complete satisfaction was running inside my heart.

The habit I used to have in childhood were different. After completing classes to home, I used to engage with regular duty 'gazing cattle'. With the saved time, I used to work with guleli(catapult), weaving nets, fishing, swimming, few constructing small impermanent house of  sand, pebbles and water.

Mathematics was my subject of interest. My friends on circle used to memorize praticed them for many times, even the simple addition or subtraction. But I was bit different from most of others. While on gazing cattle, playing with pebbles, I usually worked with "addition and subtraction". What I worked out with was useful, because as I have deeper understanding. So I was prepared fully for the level.

As childhood shows how will he become in future. My aim was silently  indicating me to become an engineer. I used design a mini house (sand, pebbles, small thread of grasses) and collected the things in need before the work to be carried out. The amounts need almost was good sufficient to work for my job. So I had develeped a common sense even at that early age. Annually, a class was added, and with each addition of classes pressures also were there on my head. Being a first boy it was my duty to perform always like the best one.  The day in each year for the result time used to beat my heart for unknown reason as I never had let other to discover first place than me. Students used to be punished but I was never. The same continued as classes upgraded.

It was result time again when I was at grade five. Three students joined on the same year and they were from boarding school. Everyone whispered at my back with clear pronounced sound, "this year result will surely be unexpected." My mind was all disturbed with unusual comments made.

A fear, an excitement, unwanted patience were killing me. When suspense broken up, I was not call for the first position. Nepali teacher with beautiful poetic words explained, "The never second boy this year but has broken a records. He is not come in first position but with the highest scores from whole classes, declare him as a 'School first boy'". Wow isn't it a great news? Then only I received all normal satisfaction. 1,000 Rs cash was handed me from VDC chairman, different prizes for appreciations...

Right after the completion of study for primary levels, proceeded to Kathmandu. My father used to do job of painting and were settled here for many years. Shree Samaj Sudhar Lower Secodary at Bhaktapur, was my first school admitted in city. The history did I discover always for the first position only limited only at past. As the courses were tought in English on more subjects. So it was difficult to understand the subject in very language.

Then joined at JP high School at Thamel on grade nine. The past story till to primary levels had repeated again. Again topped for two years and received price amount 1000 on each year.

After SLC, I was doing job of teaching. I used to teach with my own methodology. English, Science, and mathematics were the subjects I worked with. I tought these subjects to the students from village. The few first few days for me were difficult cause medium (English vs Nepali) was different. With the number of repetition, concepts was stamped on their minds.

One of the students loud out his words, "If we had a teacher like you to make us understand on such easy approach, I would top the whole district." This was great complement for me With the concepts given to him, He practically topped as highest scorer from whole Nuwakot district. He was at my front with laddu(sweet) and said "all I did is because of you my teacher. " I was wordless to make comments in return but congratulated him for his success

My aim from the childhood was to be a doctor. I was asked in early days "what will you become in future?" I simply used to answer, "Doctor".  My mind was changed to become an engineer than to doctor, while studying at intermediate levels. As my hobbies and interests were reflecting for the engineer. To adorn my dream, joined at Ascol college, Nepal's first and only the science college.

I got acquainted directly with different unions of students there. The national politics had also influence at that very level as well. I learnt what politics actually are. 

Then with the completion of study, I was pushed with confusion. Most friends studied together joined BSc but I didn't. My father had a dream to recognize himself a "father of engineer" and mixed my aim fixed on his wish.

Searched engineering colleges further to go. It was Acme Engineering College, Sitapaila I admitted to realize my aim to be an engineer. The technical field, applied science with practical based study somehow are the subject of interest for me as well. .

Engineering has become more costly than earlier days. So it is difficult to afford for the study from middle class family. This is truly a bitter fact alieven.

Interests and hobbies:
Actually, I'm the student of Engineering but my hobbies are little bit different with my aim. I love to find myself in composing poems, stories, articles. And had published often in the newspapers, different websites, online magazines etc.


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