Modernization को नाममा अरुको सँस्क्रिती अनुसरण गर्नु वा पछ्याउनु कत्तिको उचित हो ?

We are now with the time of extreme consciousness and its all because of the being modernizations, globalization, civilizations and organizations ..... We are changed a lot because of this benevolence of 21st century and its effects. Our level of status also has been changed remarkably than that of before......

Modernization has become a part of every nation to stand themselves as the civilized one. One learn to know how to stand in front of this civilized society of nation and of world. Globalization is being another important fact to be concerned that this world has become just like the village. Importing and exporting both the bad and good cultures are there with the modernization and civilizations.......

People are forgetting their typical cultures and trying to copy from others. Is this good to be ourselves become fashionable just copying from others? Is this good that on the name of change we should forget our culture? Absolutely not. Yes, that's why we should definitely follow if that make us to run easier life but on the name on change we should not forget our culture which gives our identity............

This discussion has been just setting for the views to aware the people not to forget our real culture. Your even of single word would prove to be the more so, kind request to all, have your views and dissatisfaction, whatever you have..............


Reply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on May 20, 2009 at 12:54pm
Thank you Sushma
for your those valueable views. I support all the views that you expressed from your heart and mind. Definitely, being a modern is not the bad thing and its because this is the demand of time to proceed our steps forward. My concern is also the same as you have expressed that exposing doesn't keep any value to stablish ourselves as the modernised one. But people in these days seem to enjoy with the latest fashinable dresses and following it blindly. This is actually not good enough to show themselves as the modernized one......
The thing which you raised has just become a part of our society. Especially girls are the victim of this fashionable worlds and want to attract everyone's eyes to them. These adopted fashionable things make them uncomfortable to walk, to sit and to bear the environment........... Scientific researches also have been proved that wairing high hill and pencil sandles cause backbones and various problems in Health. But even they are known with the effect of these, still want to try for more and more to show themselves the modernized and fashionable. And yes, we have to do dressed up according as the conditions, otherwise we are compeled to become the person of joking and talkings for all. The identity is the most important thing to be concerned coz everyone has special character to be distinguised from other. If we really lost our identity, then no worth to become human being. The identity can only be stablished as you said BEAUTIFUL HEART WITH BEAUTIFUL MIND. So, let our life be changed certainly but with the circle of limitations or criterias or bouderies. That will show us definitely the modernized one............

Reply by Meena lama (Golay) on May 20, 2009 at 7:25pm
I am feeling wonderful to discuss in this profound topic. First of all, I must appreciate Manik Ji's consistent step to have the courageous subject in the discussion board.

Let's dive into the topic. Modernization, the topic is complicated in itself. Manik ji' tried within certain subjects culture, fashion. I had a different view on Modernization. Folks might not agree with my clarification. However, I am just pushing my words.

I define Modernization is the output of phenomenal expectation. People fight or try to complete their expectation with new innovation, which finally we call the process as Modernization. I want to clarify the statement with the new technology we are having our daily needs, Mobile(Cell Phone). This is the output of our thrive that we had before a decade. We always wanted to have constant communication which was not just completed with Land Line Phones. After that, people demanded wireless technology. Whether, the wireless phone had not a wide range of use, but its advanced and enhanced technology leaded the birth of mobile. We can listen now songs, take GB's of Videos, Multi mega pixels of pictures, cherished with full functioned materials. This was not the same before a decade, even the manufacturer might not have think whether they would have gone like this, where they are now. And in such short span of time. The technology is such modernized now, our daily life now is relied in digital technology.

At those years, we were compelled to use analogue camera to take a low definition picture. Even the data were just captured within reel. We were compelled to invest more money for a low standard product. But see, the Mirror is the same, Reflection has just changed. Changed in that way, our pictures/videos/music all are digital. We can be proud now, proud to store GB's of digital stuffs.

We are pursuing these global modernization.

I had some argues with fashion too. It is the best way to pursuit fashion(modernization term). Nima Rumba, a musical fashion pundit, would not be the current Nima Rumba, if he were not following the contemporary fashion. He would have already a history and merely the new generation chant his name. Not only Nima Rumba, I feel proud to put name of Alok Nembang, great follower of modernization, in this discussion. He is the role model of Nepali Music Videos. He is a creator, have creation. He have strong feeling, which he use in his film. He has a good team which knows how they can give their best using modern technologies.

I must not forget our Dipendra Dong(dai), he is the one who had tried and success transitioning the Tamang Music/videos. He had rendered, wrote the contemporary lyric and music(if i m not wrong), which was needed in real time by Tamang people. He had followed the modernization. His music would not be the same if he had just tried to make tamang music videos with typical essence.

I just tried to say that we should follow the modernization and should not forget or loose our origin at the same time.

Reply by Vijaya Tamang on May 21, 2009 at 5:06am
We should be able to change with the time and able to recognise good changes which can make life more quality,comfortable and easy manik mention bout copying fashion as an eg of modernization this is also the change which most people is following ...i think itsgood to be fashioble as it add personality but we should do fashion that is comfortable to wear in family circles ,nt more exposee....even though i do mostly wear western clothes i really do respect our dresses and like to wear in dfferent special occasions which i think , very beauiful and elegant than any western clothes it has got its own values ,belonginess........ how modern we are our mentality should be always grounded to own our culture,tradition,festivals,custume ,languages which are backbone for the person ,without these we are just hollow without identity .finally,we shouldnt forget where we belong from....

Reply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on May 22, 2009 at 10:36am
Thank you Meena ji, for your great views on the discussion. We are now with the idea of unpredictable changes by conceiving this beautiful offspring “the modernization”. Our right presence to shake hands with modernization transfigured us lots. The definition that you put is really carries a great meaning of the modernization. People are entering to this materialistic world and this can be taken as thrive for the success. The idea of modernization comes from a view of societies as having a standard evolutionary pattern. According to this, each society would evolve inexorably from barbarism to ever greater levels of development and civilization. The more modern states would be wealthier and more powerful, and their citizens freer and having a higher standard of living. This was the standard view in the social sciences for many decades

The modernization of a society required the destruction of the indigenous culture and its replacement by a more Westernized one. Technically modernity simply refers to the present, and any society still in existence is therefore modern. Proponents of modernization typically view only Western society as being truly modern arguing that others are primitive by comparison. This view sees unmodernized societies as inferior even if they have the same standard of living as western societies.

Modernization can be seen as processes, and as offensives. The former view is commonly projected by politicians and the media, and suggests that it is developments, such as new data technology or dated laws, which make modernization necessary or preferable. This view makes critique of modernization difficult, since it implies that it is these developments which control the limits of human interaction, and not vice versa. The latter view of modernization as offensives argues that both the developments and the altered opportunities made available by these developments are shaped and controlled by human agents. The view of modernization as offensives therefore sees it as a product of human planning and action, an active process capable of being both changed and criticized. Modernization is most likely one of the most influential happenings in society.

You have chosen the right examples to put forward your views more clears. Yes, I agree with your views once should know what they are doing. Lets not become the person of laughing and talking, be fashionable with the time is the sound of modernization. Thank you for your all good good suggestions…….

Reply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on May 22, 2009 at 12:44pm
Thank you Binod ji,
for your valuable words to let us to know your modern definition and your views on the topic. Appetite desires can lead us for more improvements to ourselves. Our steps are already proceeded there for the more advanced life. As Binod said, the destruction of indigenious culture is the most to show ourselve in the stage of Modernization. Our hearts definitely pund with the joys and happiness, with the aquentances with this modernization.... Yes, Binod ji, we can show ourselve modernised with our own skills and ability......../body>

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Manik Lal Ghising TC BoardmemberPermalink Reply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on May 22, 2009 at 1:08pm
Thank you vijaya ji,

I'm really glad to see all the active friends here at chautari and their excellent views. I'm really grateful to all my dearest friends and well wishers......

Yes Bijaya ji, you are absolutely right. We should let ourselves to change with the the time and recognise the good time that favours us and our cultures. As you said, its good to be the fashionable and this prove ourselves the moderned one. I just wanted to flow my feelings there to this topic that blindly adopting others cultures is not good in the name of being modernization........

There should not be any abjections for the peoples choice. Western clothes are innumerably covering the markets of worlds.... You should be freed to yourself to wear any kind of dresses which keep you fit and fine. You have really the broad minds to think about such stuffs. The identity that you put for the society are the considerable. Copying good things from others are also good but things that we should keep our mind is that clear vision of effectness..........

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Manik Lal Ghising TC BoardmemberPermalink Reply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on May 22, 2009 at 8:08pm
Definitely Sushma ji, there is no problem in sharing the culture of each others. Thats why we are here for the discussions.........

Reply by Darshan on May 24, 2009 at 3:04pm
Ghising jee,Khub raamro discussion ko topic raakhnu vayecha.Pratham ta dhanyabaad nai bhanchu yo bisay uthaan garnu vayeko ma..Mero kei byaktigat bichaar haru pokhne prachesta gareko chu..

Kunai pani jaati,samaj,rastra ko pahichaan nai usko sanskriti,reeti-thithi hune gardacha..Tesai ra globally harek rastra ko aafnai pahichaan cha..Yadi,kunai samajle arko samjko sanskriti ra rahan sahan baata prerit vayera kei raamro kura haru pachyaucha vane ati asal pani ho..Tara pura puri,kaati kutti manparyo vandaima sabai kura anusaran garnu chahi mero bichaar ma ek prakar ko chori nai huna jaadacha..Itihaas saakchi cha..Harek samaj arko baata prerit huncha..harek sanskriti arko baata ubjeko huncha..Tarai pani pratyek samaj le aafno beglai pahichaan pani raakhekai cha,huncha..

Udaharan swarup ..Nepali,Chini,Japani,ameriki etc sabai ratstra laai haami le chinchau uni haruko nizi sanskriti ra rahan sahan ko dhangako madhyam baat..Yadi ek le arko laai pachyaudo ho ta..feri Nepali,chini,japani vanera farak nai kasari garne??

Ahile ghadi globalization,21st century,modernization ko naam ma sasto bikaau chaal dhaal haami yuwa wargale apnaudai jaadaichau..Ho yo ekdam bikat samasya ho..Ahileko agema sabai laai aafno freedom chahiyo,unmukti purna sochne space chahiyo..Kasaile advice garna khoje..haami pattinchau..Haami laai ris utcha..Andho banera haami haamro jiwan ko harek paatoma paaschaatya pan ko chaap chodna ma masta chau..Haamilaai laagcha haami sophisticated banchau yeso garda..Tara yo patan ko suruwaat ho..Malaai euta kura le dherai achambha laagcha tyo k bhane haami kina andho banera westernised hune hod ma laagipareka chau..jaba ki haamrai gali,galchedi haruma.khola naala ma,haamrai ghar aangan ma eti ramailopan cha,eti maya cha..Uni haru ko sanskriti nai tei ho,tei thyo pani..tara haamro ta thiyena ni..Aafno sanskar vulera haami arukai jutho chaatna ma kina khusi chau??

Haaso ko kura k bhane..haamra haru aafnai mahan bhibhuti haru chindainan tara aruko samaj ko saano bhanda saano karinda laai jhattai chinchan..Communal ta bhayeko hoina tara jun maanche laai aafnai samajko gyaan chaina usle aruko samaj ko gyaan raakhera k nai naapcha ra??

Jaba samay aaucha haami kewal bhasan jadchau Garva cha Nepali hunuma,garva cha malai yesma usam k k aru pani..Tara sacchai cha k ta?? Taba kina aafno sanskritima,aafno dhaka topi ma,aafno,lok dohorima,aafno boli chaali ma haami laai saram aaucha??

Angrezi ta fata fat boli haalchu..Ho globaaly survive garna chahiyo pani..tara nepali kattiko bolchau haami??

Ahile ta samay nai esto cha ki besi jasta yuwa haru aafno ghar aangan dekhi tadhaa praya jaso biswa bhari nai chriyera baseka cha..Gari khaana laai mehenat pani gardaichan..Tara k yo hod ma haamile haamro aafno mul parichaya laai chunauti po didaichau ki??Feri yo pani ekdam sahi ho ki desh prem,jaati prem jabarjasti kasaima umaarna sakinna pani..Tyo aafai man baata jaagne kura ho..Kati laai ta bewasta pani laagla yo bisay ki kina esto socheko bhanera..Tara sacchai haamile aafno busy schedule ma 1 minute pani fursad nikalera

jaati samj ko utthaann baare socheko chau k??Haami ati swarthi ta hudai gayeka chainau?? Feri bhanlaan tyo mero kaam thodi ho...Neta haru chan ni..agraz haru chadai chan ni..Tara saacho kura ta yei ho "samaj bandacha maancheko mel le"..yedi estai sochaai haami sabaile raakheu bhane ta samaj laai kasle chalaune..haami kata laagne?..haamro parichaya kata??Vawisyama yadi astitva nai metiyera gayema??Tyo bachai nai k bachai jasko kunai mol nai na hola??

Haami pratyek nai jimmewar chau haamro samj ma aaune bikriti haru ko nimti..Jaba desh ma kei raamro huncha taba sabai jaana tesko shrey lina chahanchan..tara jaba kei gadbadi bhayo ki sabai aafna haath pachi saarchan..Kahile samma esto ni??Bela aai sakyo ni sachet banne,jagruk vayera unaati tarfa laagne..
Haami sikhaun aru baata,aruko satkarma laai angalaaun..Raamro kura sikhnu ma k ko saram??Tara sikheko kura baata feri kei cretive garera aafnai euta naya bisay laai janma diu..taba po tyo kura aafno bhanna suhaucha..Bayiscope ma actor haruko luga faata dekhera jaba fans haru le nakkal parna khojchan..taba tyo fan thodi tyo actor bandacha?? Ho testai aru ko samjko nakal garda haami pani testai kasto ma ganiyelaau.. Hamile baru aafno pani kei chaap chordai jaau aafno kaam ma,aafno karma ma..taaki aauda din ma aru samaj le haami baat pani kei seekh liyos..Uni haru pani aharis ma jalos haamro ekta dekhera..hammro lagan dekhera..Kunai kura ta esto hos jaslaai haamile nirdhakka saathma "Ho yo haamro ho" Vanna sakaun..Kati aru kai kura laai matra aafno banaune haami hoina ra??

Maanche ta sansarma dui tharika nai huncha..Euta Purus.. arko Stri..Tara tei Purus Stri ko jhunda ma pani jasle aafno uniqeness le,aafno beglopana le kei gari tapolcha..tei maanche laai sabai le yaad garcha,anusaran garcha..Ho aba haami le pani testai garne bela aayeko cha..Haami pani aba ta sikchit chau,Confident chau,takkar dina sakchau aafnai balbutama sampurna biswalaai,taba eti dherai gun haru huda hudai pani haami kina aafno gunatwa ma bharosa raakhdainau ta??Haami kina aafulaai helchekraai purna nazarle herchaun??

Samay aayo aba haamile aafno gyaan ko madhayam le,sanskar ko madhyamle Sansar laai saar garne..Paaila chalna baaki cha..Herau kaahan samma pugne ho...

Reply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on May 25, 2009 at 8:30am
आफ्ना गहकिला तर्कहरुका साथमा प्रस्तुत हुने मेरो मित्र दर्शन जि लाई धेरैधेरै धन्यवाद ।

यो वास्तवमै तपाईंको बिचार वा अभिब्यक्ती मात्र होइन तर सबैले एकचोटी ठन्डा दिमागले सोच्नै पर्ने र मनन गर्नैपर्ने कुराहरु हुन् । तपाईंको विचारमा सहमत् छु कि प्रत्येक संस्क्रिती अर्को संस्क्रितीबाट प्रेरित हुन्छ । त्यही सँस्कृतिलाई मानिसले ठाउँअनुसार छुटटै रुपमा स्थापित गरेको कुरा प्राचिन कालदेखी नै हुँदै आएको कुरा हाम्रो सामु ईतिहास जिउदो छ । कुनै ठाउँ,समाज,देशको परिचय भनेको त्यहाको संस्क्रिती र रहनसहन नै हो । यदि एस्तो नहुदो हो त तपाईंले भन्नुभाको जस्तै कसरी चिन्न सकिन्थ्यो र ? तर आजको मानिसहरुले यो कुरा बिर्सदै गएर अन्धा रुपमा अरुको संस्क्रिती अनुसरण गर्ने परम्परा बिकास हुँदै गएको कटु सत्य हामी समक्ष समस्याको रुपमा टुसा पलाए झै मौलाउन सफल हुँदै गएको छ ।

अबस्य पनि तपाईंको कुरा सहि हो । यसको बढी प्रभाव युवा बर्गमाथि बिशेष रुपमा परेका छन् । २१ औ शताब्दिका हामी मानिस नयाँ बिचारको साथमा आफुलाई प्रस्तुत गर्न खोज्छौ, सोफिस्टिकेटेड लाईफ बनाउनमा तल्लिन हुन्छौ । तर यो वास्तवमै राम्रो कुरा होइन । हो हामीलाई यदि राम्रो हुन्छ भने अनुसरनिय चिजहरुलाई पछ्याउनुपर्छ पनि । हामी समयको पावन्दी वा माग अनुसार परिवर्तनको बाटोमा हिंड्न प्रेरित गराउनु पर्छ आँफैले आँफैलाई । अरुको मात्र कुरा सुन्यौ र पछ्याउने प्रयास हामीले बिकास गर्दै गयौ भने अबस्यपनि तपाईंले भनेजस्तै हामी पतनको बाटो अपनाउन वाध्य हुन्छौ । वेष्टर्निजेशनको अन्धो पछ्याइले हामीले वास्तविक घर, आँगन, खोलानाला सबै बिर्सेंका छौ । के यो राम्रो हुनसक्छ? कदापी पनि सकिन्न ।

तपाईंले उठाउनु भाको अर्को सवाल पनि वास्तवमै सोचनिय छ । हामी हाम्रा महान बिभुतिहरुलाई चिन्न छाडेका छौ तर अरु समाजको कारीन्दा पनि चिन्छौ । यसले हाम्रो बिकराल समस्याहरुलाई उजागर गर्छ । लोकदोहोरिमा रमाउन बिर्सेंका छौ हामीले आज, ती धारापधेरामा बसेर गफ गर्न भुलेका छौ आज, ती खोलानाला बाट आएको चित्कारलाई सुन्न छाडेका छौ आज अनि अङ्रेजी भाषामै झुम्न रमाइरहेका छौ । हो तपाईंले भनेजस्तै समयले धेरै कोल्टे फेरिसकेको अवस्थामा त्यही १७ शताब्दिमै अल्झेर बस्नु पनि मुर्खता हो । हामी ग्लोबल्ली पनि सर्भाइव हुनैपर्छ तर यसको मतलब यो होइन कि हामीले आफ्नो परम्परालाई चाँही चत्तक्कै बिर्सनु पर्छ । किनभने हाम्रो भाषा संस्क्रिती भनेको त हाम्रो परिचय, चिनारी , पहिचान, गर्व हुन् ।

त्यसैले मेरो के मात्र आग्रह हो भने सम्पूर्ण मित्र तथा सज्जन्ब्रिन्दहरुलाई, आज हामी नराम्रो बाटोतिर लागिरहेका छौ । राम्रो नराम्रो छुट्याउने बुद्धी बिबेक हामीमा बिकास भाईसकेको छ । यही बुद्धी बिबेकको सुन्दर प्रयोगबाट हाम्रो पहिचानलाई अरु समुदायलाई पनि प्रेरणा मिल्न सकोस भन्ने सन्कल्प गरौ ।

अन्तमा धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद, तपाईं मित्रलाई आफ्ना सार्गर्भिक तर्कहरु प्रस्तुतिको लागि । भबिस्यमा पनि यस्तै सल्लाह सुझाबको अपेक्षा राख्दछु ।

Reply by m@n$ub@ t@m@nG on June 2, 2009 at 2:44pm
well topic seems interesting to discuss ...but jasto j bhaye ni its up to ta individuals how u take the changes modernization ...but i think dat we hab to move on wid tyme ..... moderinazation copy garnu hudhaina bhanera chahi ma bhandina coz due to this modernization ... n changes le garda rite now hami we r usin all these IT facitilties n all aba copy nai garnu hudhaina bhanee chahi hoina .
yeti kunnie kura ramro ho bhanee we should try to copy from other n try to implement on dat way .. so modernization lai copy nai garena bhanee ta hami sadai same place ma nai huncham progress nothin .....

aba arko bhaneko luga hola hoina sabai ko reply herda tesh ma nai focus bhayeko jasto lagyo aba hernus desh anushar ko vesh ta garnai paryo aba .... aba ma individually bhannu parda kohi kohi hola over nai hune gari luga lagauney but natra simple hapfpant skirt lagaunu na ta even tyo western copy bhayeni teti saro naramro chahi hoina ...manchay le luga lagayera afu lai sajilo i mean comfortable huncha bhanee she deserve dat dress..

so kura aucha culture ,tradition ko aba culture tradition bhanee ta afnai palcema cha aba pahila pahila ama haru le gunyo cholo lagayera hidhnu hunthiyo tyo hamro tradition ra culture ho ...aba acc to changes of da society none accept to wear those thing on their daily basis.. so tradition ra culture bhaneko afno palce ma ..jasto lagcha malai ta

so. we hab to move accordin to changes...

stay safe peace,

Reply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on June 12, 2009 at 10:04am
Thank you Masuba ji,
For your valuable comments..........
Yes you are right mansuba ji, its up to the individual that how they take these changes modernization..... Definitely, transforming ourselves with the demands of present time... This is important to be concerned matter and need to know the definition of modernization.... What our position now with us is all the reason of our affinity towards the process of modernization. Civilization has become an important aspect of our life and society to mobilise in the long run of success.....

I agree with the views that you have expressed with the words that we should or try to copy from others if that results the best outcomes. But in the name of changes, people are just blindly copying from others and developed the very serious problem, that is, forgetting our own cultures......... The cultures are the identifications of certain community that differ them from others. Otherwise there would be no difference in Nepalese, Chinese, Japanese and so on, if they wouldn't have their certain cultures........... So, culture let us differ from others...........

"Desh anusaarko bhesh ta hunuparchha" yes, this is true. That's why we should learn to maintain ourselves to face with the changing of time. We shouldn't make ourselves the center of laughing. But follower of modernization completely by forgetting own self is not good so far.......... The rights of dressed up is What makes them feel better should be there on their choice of clothes........ We should not stand against the freedom of others on their choices and becoming purely negative to any thing is also not good.... Everyone has right to wear whatever they want and feel them better with those.............

What i just trying to say is that lets have certain changes in our life but completely by copying from others but by leaving drawbacks of our society or community. We should be able to implement good things if that seem to be benevolence for our life..... We should pay our attentions to the things which make us more comfortable. Lets freed our mind from narrowing but with the broadening.................

Once again Thank you Mansuba ji, its really nice to know of your views for the topic. And expect of your such frequent touch in futures too..........

Reply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on July 20, 2009 at 9:03am
The definitions of modernisation definitely are different with persons to person... It actually depends on their ways of perceptions.....

Lets not forget our culture on the name of being modernisations... Yes, definitely we should not have to have the concept of own vonventional thoughts which really need to be changed....

Reply by Swayambar S. Lama Glan (S.lama) on July 20, 2009 at 10:52am
सबैको कल्यान हुने कुराको निर्वाद अनुसरण गर्दा फरक पर्दैन । तर कतिपय सँस्कृति देश, परिबेश, त्यहाँको बातावरण मौसम अनुसार सँस्कारीत भएको हुन्छ भने त्यसलाई चै बलजफती हाम्रो सामाजिक परिवेशमा लगाउनु हुन्न । मैले भनि हलेँ नि, राम्रो कुराको अनुसरण गर्नु हुन्छ ।

अनि हाम्रो समाज नराम्रो पक्ष चाँही के छ भने पहिरानीक फेसन र कला संस्कृति तुरुन्तै अरुको नकल गरिन्छ । अरु देशले कसरी बिकासको फट्को मारेको छ त्यो चाँही अनुसरण गर्दैन त्यो एकदम गलत पाटो हो । नकल वा अनुसरणको सम्बन्धमा हामी एकदम गलत बाटोमा छौं । आवस्यक कुराको अनुसरण गर्दैनौ अनाबस्यक कुराको तुरुन्तै नक्कल गरी हाल्छौं ।

युरोपका हिप्पी हिप्पिनिले गीतार बजाउदै गाँजा तान्छ अनि हाम्रो शहरको युवाहरु पनि गीतार छोए पछि गाँजा तानी हाल्नु पर्छ ।
टि.बी. मा एक बित्ते फेसन शो हेर्छ हाम्रा चेलीहरु हाफ बित्ते एक धर्को बेरेर सडकमा निस्केर हरि बिजोग देखाउछन । के....... गर्नेलाई भन्दा हेर्नेलाई लाज ।

बब मार्लिको बिटल धुनको अर्थ बुझ्दैन तर हाम्रो युवाहरु टीन ठट्टाएर चिच्याउछन । शब्दमा कुनै अर्थ नै हुन्न । ईजार चुढने गरी चिच्याउछन तर संगै बस्नेले पनि केही बुझ्दैन बरु डडाङ डुडुङ्ले कान च्यातेला गीत बुझ्दैन ।

बुरुक बुरुक उफ्रीन्छन । अनि भन्छन हाम्रो म्युजिक ब्यान्ड छ । हामी कलाकार हौं भन्छ अनि गाउछन पनि तर गीत को बोल हुन्छ "गाईले पराल खायो नि मैले के गर्ने" के सम्बेदना छ यो शब्दमा ? के शन्देश र के सिकिन्छ यो सुनेर ?


Reply by Amita Lama(Bal) on July 20, 2009 at 12:33pm
Thanx Manik 4 a really nice topic. Just 2 start 4rm Mark Twain's sayin.."It were not best that we should all think alike, it iz difference of opinion that makes horse races. No doubt 2day Modernization is the part of each n every household. So, acc. 2 me, modernization iz d modification of acts, systems or ideas properly 4 d use of present time. So, frens let's not stuck our thoughts of copyin or imiting only modern or fashionble guds, dresses or accessories. As each coin have 2 faces, it does hve +ve n -ve aspects. But d fact iz how we take or use it precisely. Of course we do have certain limitations n boundries. Despite these facts, we should equally respect our traditional n cultural beliefs/practices that form d basis of a system or society.

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Manik Lal Ghising TC BoardmemberPermalink Reply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on July 21, 2009 at 9:02am
धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद स्वयम्बर जि!!
वास्तवमै हजुरले औल्याउनु भएको कुराहरु सोचनिय छन् । fashion को नाउमा बिक्रिती लाखौं भित्रिरहेका छन् । हाम्रा युवाहरु बिडिको त्यो स्वादलाई भुलेर, अझ भनु त्यत्तिले मात्र नपुगेर नफाटेको पाइन्टलाइ जबर्जस्ती काटि, युरोपिअनहरुले जस्ताइ गाजा तान्ने लहैलहैमा लाग्छन् । अनि जब होस खुल्छ, हजुरले भने जस्तै पागल भएर उफ्रिन्छ । तर समय धेरै बितिसकेको हुन्छ......

अबस्य पनि, अरु राष्ट्रहरुले कसरी बिकासअको फड्को मार्यो, त्यो चिजको अनुसरण गर्नुपर्छ । यो हामी नेपालीको एउटा साच्चै खराब पक्ष जस्तो मलाई पनि लाग्छ,"आवस्यक कुराको अनुसरण गर्दैनौ अनाबस्यक कुराको तुरुन्तै नक्कल गरी हाल्छौं ।" सचेत हामी आजको नागरिक हिजोका भन्दा पनि गैगुझ्रेका बन्ने चेस्टा गरिरहेका छौ । अबस्य पनि यो राम्रो कुराको सङ्केत होइन ........

अनि तपाईंको ब्यङ्ग हाम्रा जल्दाबल्दा युवाहरुको बारेमा एक्दमै सहि छ । यस्तै समाज आज हाम्रो आँखा सामु खडा छ । उफ्राइ र कराइको त्यो कुनै अर्थ छैन । अर्थ नै नभएको चिजको कुरा नै के गर्नु छ र !!!

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Manik Lal Ghising TC BoardmemberPermalink Reply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on July 21, 2009 at 9:14am
Thank you Amita ji,
For your all valuable views. I'm totally agree with you....

Definitely, As each coin have 2 faces, it does hve +ve n -ve aspects, but we should try to maintain ourselves with full positiveness... The acts of changing what we called modernisation, should not be there to get in the way of our each and every progress...

As our friend's said देश अनुसारअको भेश हुनुपर्छ and this is also an important aspect. So, Just want to say few lines that lets not make ourselve as the centre of kidding or mocking or joking or laughing of all......

Thank you so much indeed for your best views of minds....

Reply by Dhawa Sang Dong (धावा साङ दोङ) on July 21, 2009 at 9:16am
We nepalease are not in morden age of technologies but returning to ancent age from morden age of civilization...

we are so poor that we copied all the western cultures that doesn't suit our culture and society...... why we are copying fasion and not the technologies and their ideas. we have to copy those things which lead us to onward of civilization but never copy the technologies.. japanese copied american technologies in 1920-1930s but now just the things is reverse american are following japanese..... we can't do as japanese so poor we are ... but proud of fasionable looks......???? I am so sorry and poor for fasionable looks of we nepalease.....

Mordernaization is not change but is advancement in the subject of interest... I think universe is not interested on fasion but for technical advacement.... i dont mean that tradition is to be continued. Tradition is to be thrown out of society but culture is to be conserved.........we have to copy technologies and ideas of advancement from western not the fasion that we are copying unknowingly

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Manik Lal Ghising TC BoardmemberPermalink Reply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on July 22, 2009 at 7:02am
Thank you so much Dhawa ji,
For your great words to the topic. Absolutely you are right on your points.... We Nepalese are not actually with the hands of modern technologies but as you said returning to the ancient age....

Copying fashion doesn't prove us that we are more modernised than before but technologies are another important aspect to be lined up with us...

Poor fashion we do thats the reason why we are still not on the supreme of modernised.....I also agree with your heart saying fact that,"i dont mean that tradition is to be continued. Tradition is to be thrown out of society but culture is to be conserved.........we have to copy technologies and ideas of advancement from western not the fasion that we are copying unknowingly"...... Definitely if we come to do practiced these least, more advanced and civilised society will be along on our way.......

eply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on July 22, 2009 at 7:10am
Thank you Yatru ji, for your considerable words for the topic.....

Yes, the views and words from our frenz are really appreciable........ The time has transfigured us lots so we are now on the civilised stage. The demands are definitely increased with the demands of time......

proving and moving ourselves with the best on the favour of all cultures would definetely be beneficial for own of us.... Thank you indeed for your best words of suggestions....

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Manik Lal Ghising TC BoardmemberPermalink Reply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on July 24, 2009 at 12:22pm
Since the time of settlement and rearing of cattle in one place, people are on road of civilizaion. Before that thye used to wander from one place to another in search of of food. They had shelter in caves, not in homes, but fire, homes, farming etc. became bases of their way of civilisation. Firing gun became a base of supremacy. A compass became a base of distant voyages. Meanwhile, printing press also become a base of spreading informations. Thus, exploring new things and new places became interest and hobby of the people.......

Later on, people liked to go to other countries for learning new skills and also for personal benefits. Trends for going abroad and travelling far and distant lands have increased more than before. As there came many good changes on their lifestyles and learnt many things from others. They knew many things and tried to copy or immitate from them, which empact as the elements to disturb our way of life.....

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Manik Lal Ghising TC BoardmemberPermalink Reply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on July 27, 2009 at 6:43pm
Thank you Dhawa samdhi for your real words of facts.....

Defintely, Ramro kuralai follow garne and narmro kuralai chhadai jane ................

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Manik Lal Ghising TC BoardmemberPermalink Reply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on July 27, 2009 at 6:46pm
तपाईं स्वयम्बर जि प्रती बिशेष आभार ।
यस्तै यस्तै सुझाब अनि सल्लाहहरुको भन्डारन हुनुपर्छ, अनि त्यस्को कार्यन्वायन पक्ष अझ मजबुत भयो भने अबस्य पनि हाम्रो पाइलाहरु बिकासको बाटोतिर लम्किन कुनै समय कुर्नुपर्दैन ।

Reply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on September 30, 2009 at 12:52pm
सआदरनीय मित्रहरुमा धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद ब्यक्त गर्न चाहन्छु । यो टपिकमा आफ्ना महत्वपूर्ण बिचार र भावनाहरु ब्यक्त गर्नु भएकोमा तपाईं सम्पूर्ण मित्रहरु, दाजुभाइ, दिदिबहिनीहरुमा न्यानो अभिबादन । भबिस्यमा पनि यस्तै साथ अनी सहयोगि हातहरु अबस्य पनि पाउनेछु भन्ने आशा लिएको छु ।

मित्रहरुले आफुले भ्यएसम्मको बिचार अनि तर्क प्रस्तुत गर्नु भो । कतिपय कुराहरुमा चित्त नबुझ्ने जवाफ पनि आए होलान् अनि कतिपय अवस्थामा साह्रै चित्त बुझे पनि होलान् । बास्तबमै साथीहरुले भने जस्ताइ कुनै पनि चिजको positive र negative पक्ष हुनु स्वभानिक हो । हामीले आफ्नो बुद्दी बिबेकले केलाउन जान्नुपर्छ ।

आधुनिकिकरनको यो समयमा हामीले आफुले आँफैलाई त्यही १७ औ शतब्दितिर फेरी धकेल्नु भने कदापी हुन्न । तर अर्को कुरा, हामीले modernization को नाममा आफुलाई नै बेइज्जत गर्ने खालको बानी पनि देखाउनु कदापी हुन्न । हो अबस्य पनि राम्रो कुराको सबैले अनुसरण गर्नुपर्छ । यही वास्तविकतालाई अंगिकार गरी आफुलाई यो दुनियाँसँग धाल्दै लग्यौ भने फाईदा नै फाईदाको संसारले अङ्गाल्ने छ भन्ने कुरामा कुनै दुई मत रहन नै सकिन्न ।

त्यसैले, पुन एक चोटि सम्पूर्ण मित्रहरुलाई धन्यवाद दिन चाहन्छु । तपाईंहरुको अमुल्य सल्लाह अनि सुझाबले भबिस्यको सुन्दर खाका कोर्नमा महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका खेल्न सक्छ भन्ने कुरामा कुनै शङ्का छैन । धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद !!!!

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gAnEsH lAmA { dOnG}Permalink Reply by gAnEsH lAmA { dOnG} on September 30, 2009 at 5:37pm
Being modern,think modern and stay with modern there is no problem.......but but but... culture and tradition,if some body wanna make it modern there will be problem........culture is only the thing which will recognize us and our dear friends we don't need to follow other's culture............coz we have a lot of culture then other................BE NEPALI SAVE NEPAL..................

Reply by Manik Lal Ghising TC Boardmember on November 14, 2010 at 4:01pm
Thank you so much Ganesh ji, for your great logic words....
Yes of course being modern, think modern and stay modern is the demands of this world today... It is important for personal benefits and collective benefits....

The perceptions varies with the persons to person, that how this serious issue has to be ressolved. We should not leave any traces behind us which will push into the cage of pain...

Yes, you are absolutely right that we have lots..... no need to follow or immitate of others.........

हामि सल्लाह, सुझावको आशा राख्दछु !

धन्यवाद यहाँलाई मेरो संसारभित्र एकै छिन् मनलाई भुलाउनुभएकोमा । प्रतिकृयासहित सल्लाहसुझाबको लागि समेत हार्दिक अपेक्षा । शुभ रहोस् यहाँको सम्पूर्ण पलहरु ! लासो थुजेछे ।