Tamang Youth on Criminal Sector

Loss of family, loss of job, loss of love, loss of prestige, poverty and unmatured way of thinking may be the reasons behind such acts.....Young adults have a lot of frustrations. They hve education but no jobs. Meanwhile, they do not have money for pocket expenditure. At home they suffer from authority of parents and other guardians. In collages, they have to face authority of teachers and administrators. While being among the friends, they have difficulty of expenditure.

Most important factor behind frustration is the politics. Politics always a disturbing factor. Because of leisure and lack of employment, they often involve in political affairs. Thus, they become cadres of political parties and they also become destructive elements. As government doesn't develop means of employment, and they are frustrated and challanges the authority of government, too. However, young adults paass their leisure time by playing games, taking participation in students programes, and library study. Some like to do social services. Yet we do find several young adults who because of engagement in some works, fall in company of some criminals and commit crimes themselves.

Therefore, education and some kind of employment are neccessory for the dissipline and ideal citizenship.....


हामि सल्लाह, सुझावको आशा राख्दछु !

धन्यवाद यहाँलाई मेरो संसारभित्र एकै छिन् मनलाई भुलाउनुभएकोमा । प्रतिकृयासहित सल्लाहसुझाबको लागि समेत हार्दिक अपेक्षा । शुभ रहोस् यहाँको सम्पूर्ण पलहरु ! लासो थुजेछे ।